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Jordan Aviation improved Operations with Escape Routes procedures

As of August 2018, Jordan Aviation (JAV) joined the list of customers that count on 3Green for customized Escape Route procedures, covering its operation over high terrain in Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and China.

If an airplane experiences an engine failure or an in-flight loss of pressurization, a consequent loss of altitude occurs, which can be a potential issue on mountainous areas, so

a study of these scenarios must be conducted by the Operator prior to operating new routes or changes to exiting routing scheme and, in case of constraints, to be published as Escape Route procedures.

The design of Escape Route procedures must consider both cases of engine failure and cabin depressurization, considering the most restrictive scenario and shall cope with local regulation, based on ICAO Annex 6 criteria for en-route obstacle clearance.

3Green provides customized procedures for Operators' fleet based on their specific local regulation, including periodic revision of procedures due to Navigation data changes to make sure crew has always access to up-to-date charts.

Contact us to find out more on how 3Green can support your specific needs:

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