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Safety Forum 2018

3Green has attended the Safety Forum 2018 held on 29-30 of May, in EUROCONTROL facilities, in Brussels. The forum audience was composed of more than 200 delegates from 52 countries. The event provided a platform for sharing of safety information, key issues, new opportunities and forecasts by safety experts during its two enlightening days.

The aviation sector growth is quite evident, as highlighted by EUROCONTROL Director General Eamonn Brennan during his welcoming speech, with air traffic consistently growing in a pace of doubling every 15 years. The main challenge for the industry is how to address this growth while keeping (and, better, improving) the current level of safety.

How to keep high level of safety with the air traffic growth and the increased dependency on data was the main subject of this Safety Forum 2018.

One of the key discussions during the forum was regarding the use of data and its associated risks. As 3Green, we share the belief that power of data can be used to achieve increased aviation efficiency and safety. That's why we build our customer support on the implementation of efficient systems, the conscious use of tools and data and, as emphasized during the forum discussions, on the importance of training.

Stay tuned, as we will be sharing some highlights of the event shortly!

We would like to thank the organizers, and highly appreciate the work done during these years by EUROCONTROL, Flight Safety Foundation and SKYbrary teams on spreading the word of Safety and for having us on board of such important event.

About the Forum

The Safety Forum is an initiative of the Flight Safety Foundation European Advisory Committee as a successor to the European Aviation Safety Seminar. Held annually, the Safety Forum brings together operational expertise from across the aviation industry to focus on a single safety issue with published findings and conclusions.

The Safety Forum is co-sponsored by the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF), European Regions Airline Association (ERA) and EUROCONTROL.

All materials associated with the Forum are hosted on SKYbrary and SKYbrary supports the events with live social media commentary.

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