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TALPA is coming!

The Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) Industry Day was held by FAA on the 9th of June in Washington, DC. The aim of the event was to introduce aircraft manufacturers, air carriers/operators, dispatchers/flight followers, flight planners, pilot training departments, and pilots to TALPA - a program which will be fully implemented on October 2016.

Around 100 representatives of the industry including 3Green were presented during the day of presentations and could get a better idea of FAA plan and how it will affect operation in the US from airport and operators perspectives.

As highlighted during presentations, TALPA is voluntary for operators, however the new standards for reporting contaminated runways using Runways Conditions Codes through FICON NOTAMs will be mandatory.

TALPA should be seen as one more "decision supporting" tool available for the crew to enhance safety, and its final report was achieved after a long and intense collaborative effort of the whole aviation industry (from regulatory authority to manufacturers, airplane operators and airport operators).

It is important to note that is expected that same recommendations to be incorporated on EASA regulation in the future as well, so European operators should stay tuned.

Some more information can be found in the meeting notes.

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