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African Aviation Safety Conference

The Safety in African Aviation Conference, on the 19th and 20th of November 2015, in beautiful Kigali has been a success. 3Green was joined by companies like Emirates, KLM, Kenyan Airways and their customers at RwandAir as well as over 80 delegates! The first day’s subjects focused on Safety Management Systems in Airlines and Air Navigation Services as well as Airplane Manufacturers.

The following and final day of the conference in Kigali was dedicated to: runway safety, dangerous goods transported by air with a special focus on Lithium – Ion Batteries, flight operations support (operations engineering), flight data monitoring, as well as the tie in between insurance and safety (presented by Mr Irfan Dhankot of our sister company, Aerovista).

Following the 3Green sponsored lunch, Mr Igor Sarenac presented “How Flight Operations Support Improves Flight Safety” which included an example of an engine-out procedure design. He also presented how a well-established Flight Operations Support Department (Flight Operations Performance Engineering) can reduce crew load and improve safety and efficiency of operations. To wrap up the presentation a case study was presented on a serious incident which involved bird engine ingestion during the takeoff phase; this case study concluded with recommendations on how engine out procedure design can mitigate safety risk during the takeoff phase.

Following the presentation by Mr Sarenac, RwandAir’s Manager of Flight Operations Engineering, Mr Emery Gasana and RwandAir CAA Principal Flight Operations Inspector, Capt Denver Hornsby Jr., joined Mr Sarenac in a panel which discussed how 3Green supported RwandAir to establish a Flight Operations Engineering department and how the main stake holders in this project, RwandAir, Rwanda CAA and 3Green, worked together to successfully implement it.

The presentation as well as the various panel discussions were well received by the delegates of the Safety in African Aviation Conference delegates.

3Green looks forward to supporting Africa in improving safety and is more than ever dedicated to this cause. The team at 3Green will be working together with AviAssist in preparation for the next flight safety conference which will take place in Zambia in 2016.

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