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Saint Paul

Training Consultant

Alex has over 10 years of aviation experience, with 7 of those years managing the key areas in operation control centre including, Flight dispatch, Crewing, aircraft documentation, aircraft performance and Flight dispatch training.


With a Bachelor’s degree in Performance Arts, FAA flight dispatch and Advance ground instructor’s certification, Boeing Performance and Weight and Balance engineering certification and IATA flight operations management certification, his detailed knowledge in these areas have contributed to the safety practice in flight operations and dispatch.

He has been involved in the development and management of flight dispatch and dispatch training procedures and operations control centre including writing Operation control manual, dispatch training manual, setting up dispatch training standards, setting up OCC, and preparing and undoing IOSA audits.


Moved to Middle East in 2011 and he has been involved with a number of CAAs to strengthen dispatch training curriculum.


  • Flight dispatch instructor

  • Flight dispatch examiner

  • Manager OCC

  • Manager flight dispatch and Navigation services

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