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Passaredo Linhas Aéreas selects new Flight Planning System

Passaredo Linhas Aéreas (PTB) has selected PPS from Air Support to substitute their previous Flight Planning System. Passaredo counted on 3Green support to setup and customize the new system based on their specific needs. With this change, Passaredo expects to enhance their operations with a more flexible system and lower operation costs.

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About Air Support PPS:

Air Support PPS is a flight planning system which optimizes fuel, route, speed, overflying cost and flight level between origin and destination whilst avoiding airspace and airway restrictions, thus ensuring a minimum cost flight profile. Some of its main features include:

  • Dynamically calculated minimum cost flight profiles – including the option to route via nominated airways or waypoints.

  • Multiple route comparisons – allows for numerous options to be compared for speeds, payloads etc.

  • MEL / CDL limitations respected – calculations will be adjusted to compensate for any penalties applicable.

  • ETOPs – 75min, 90min, 120/138min, 180/207min, 240min calculations as required.

  • Special Dispatch Techniques – EU-OPS RCF and Re-Dispatch Planning techniques to minimize the carriage of contingency fuel.

  • Fuel Tankering – multiple sector fuel tankering solutions can be calculated.

  • Graphical Display of Routing – over which can be superimposed upper air data or applicable published Organised Tracks.

  • Restrictions avoided – airspace constraints and airway restrictions such as CDRs, SRDs, and RAD Restrictions are considered in the determination of the optimum route.

  • Pilot Self-Briefing capability – a user friendly front end for Flight Crew which enables them to retrieve and print their own operational flight plan and briefing package – including NOTAMs and weather data (SA, FC and FT) specific to their flight.

  • etc.

The system utilizes standard WAFC GRIB wind, temperature and Tropopause data, and to assist with the reconciliation of overflight charges, reports can be produced for all flights showing the actual costs incurred.

Contact us to find out more on how 3Green can support your specific needs:

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