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3Green assists airlines for Libya and Iraq evacuations

Over the course of a week 3Green provided comprehensive flight support and dispatch to 15 flights which operated emergency evacuations out of Libya and Iraq. These flights alone brought close to 2000 people to safety. Commenting on this effort Mr Cherry B. Ninan, OCC Manager at 3Green, said “it is 3Green’s profound commitment to provide efficient flight operations support so that the evacuees are transported to a safe location. We will continue supporting our customers at any time in the future.” 3Green is located in Dubai and provides, in addition to its flights support and back office flight operations support, airline start up support and aviation consultancy. About flight planning at 3Green: 3Green provides a comprehensive array of flight support services which can be used individually or tailored to meet your company and fleets’ needs. From overflight and landing permits to ground handling, catering, HOTAC and fuel arrangements, 3Green offers dedicated support. Our team consists of certified flight dispatchers who also prepare airport and route briefs and offers flight planning which has the potential to save costs. At 3Green, the flight planning system administration and customization is done with the customers’ needs as our priority.

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