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Jose Rui

Director Flight

Operations Engineering

Holding a B.A.Sc. degree in Aeronautical Engineering and an Advanced Masters in Airline Operations, Jose has over 10 years of experience in Flight Operations Engineering. With strong background in Aircraft Performance, he joined 3Green in mid-2014 bringing expertise in both aircraft manufacturer processes and airlines day-to-day dynamic, after almost 7 years of broad experience in Flight Operations Support at Embraer S.A..


With advanced skills in Software Development (from procedural programming, such as Fortran/SCAP, to OOP, such as Delphi and Java), combined with knowledges in Project Management Processes (Scrum, Kanban) and Requirements Engineering, he developed and lead different projects such as take-off analysis software for dispatchers combining different manufacturers SCAP modules, Cost Index tool for EFB and engineering tools for in-flight performance and climb out calculation.

His interest in improvements and new ideas has led him to involvement in initiatives for excellence, from optimization of processes using Lean techniques (Kaizen, 5S) to participation in corporate entrepreneurship and innovation programs.


Member of the Society of Aircraft Performance and Operations Engineers (SAPOE), he gathers also applied knowledge in Performance Training, design of engine-out procedures, W&B calculation, Cost Index and fuel conservation, development of operational manuals and documentation control, airport suitability assessment and other performance studies.

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